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Hair &Scalp Oil  Treatment picture

A blend of natural plant oils that stimulates growth and ensures healthy well-conditioned hair and scalp. Rosemary and peppermint leaf oil increases …

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Conditioning Shampoo picture

Our conditioning shampoo is perfect for all hair types and offers therapy for stressed, tired hair and scalp. Soft, natural foaming agents in the pro…

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Hydrating Hair Cream picture

What does our Hydrating Hair Cream do?

It is meant to increase the absorption of water in your hair follicles, and increasing the amount of water in y…

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Moisturising Hair Milk picture

The Nourishing Hair Milk is a miracle worker for dry thirsty hair. It detangles & softens hair making it easy to style. 

A dry scalp can lead…

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Washday Combo picture

Combo includes:

Conditioning Shampoo 

Hydrating Hair Cream

Hair& Scalp Oil Treatment 

Moisturise, Hydrate &  Scalp Treatment Combo picture

Combo includes: 

Moisturizing Hair Milk 

Hydrating Hair Cream 

Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil 

Hair Growth &Repair Butter picture On Sale

Developed from natural plant derived butters and extracts to deal with hair loss, hairline, thinning hair, damaged and dry hair. Shea Butter, Sweet a…

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Hair Growth Kit picture On Sale

Healthy Hair Growth Kit :

Starting your healthy hair growth journey, this combo has all you need.

Raw Shea Butter 1kg picture On Sale

East & West Afrika's best kept skin secret . Rejuvenate and moisturizes your skin leaving it glowing,smoother and softer. Promotes healthy hair growth .

Honeybush Extract Bath & Shower Oil picture

Rooted in ancient Khoisan wisdom our Honeybush Extract body wash transforms your bath experience into a pampering moment. 


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