Ghanaian Raw Shea Butter On Sale

Ghanaian Raw Shea Butter

R 89.99 Sale R 110

Because it is high in palmatic and oleic fatty acids, it helps relieves symptoms of eczema and similar skin irritation. 

Shea butter’s emolliency certainly makes it the best moisturizer for dry, cracked skin.

Organic Shea’s  use from head to toe, to condition dry itchy scalp, and nourish skin makes it the ideal all in one.

Unrefined shea helps seal in hair moisture for healthier hair.

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Raw SheaButter
Sindi on May 3, 2024
This is is the real Raw Organic SheaButter not mixed with anything just raw. I love the smell of the shea nut it carries not forgetting it's moisturising effects.
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