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Jul 19, 2021
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You might not know it, but hair is and always was a big deal to Africans.

Apart from beauty, African hair was part of someone’s identity. From your hair, people could tell which tribe you came from, your social status (royal, soldier, or peasant), religion, class, and even fertility. Africans had a hairstyle for just about any occasion.

African women shaved their heads as they mourned the loss of a loved one. African kings had fancy hairstyles, and warriors often braided their hair as they went to war. Life was good and Africans were able to manage and maintain their hair using natural hair products made from herbs found in their environment.

This is the reason we as Liyana Beauty chooses to use indigenous knowledge, our African plants and botanical extracts to formulate our products. 

Our aim is to educate, inform and persuade our people to fall in love with our hair using products that are void of harsh chemicals. 

Our products are a gift from the African sun and blessings from the African soil. 

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